Rental Consignment Program

At CC Dress Hire we offer a successful consignment program. Simply send us your garments and we will rent them out for you under commission. We accept dresses of all sizes from all over Australia.

 During the consignment period we take care of everything for you. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Dry cleaning
  • Bookings
  • Advertisement
  • Postage
  • Returns

 We will only contact you under urgent circumstances if your garment is severely damaged. In this case the client will pay for the repair of the garment and replace of the dress if needed.

Once your garment has been hired by the client, we will pay you via your bank account on a monthly basis. You will receive 40% of the hire price. The hire price will be discussed and agreed with you once we rent it out.

Please note if your dress is rented out multiple times, wear and tear is expected. If you are worried about this, feel free to contact us.

Please wash/dry clean your garment before it arrives to us. If it isn’t to our standards, we will invoice you the relevant cleaning fees

You can withdraw at any time with no cancellation fees, as long as the garment doesn’t have an upcoming rental. If you have an event, you can let us know and we will reserve it for you.

Please email us the following information at




Bank Details:

Brand of Dress:

Name of Dress:

Colour of Dress:

Size of Dress:


Photo of Item (website image preferably):  

If we would like to proceed, we will contact you to organise drop off/postage.