Postal Try Ons

CC Dress Hire offers a Postal Try-On service for those who are wanting to try our garment/s but aren't based in Perth

We will send your chosen 1-3 garments, you try them on and send them back the same day.

When you book a postage try on, we will temporarily book out the garment/s for you for the date
of your anticipated rental period.

If you decide to rent one of the garment/s, we ask that you please decide within 24 hours of returning the garment/s, to ensure that we aren’t preventing any other rentals.

The garment/s will be on hold for you, from when you pay for your try on, and until 24 hours after
returning the garment/s in the post.

Fees are $50 per garment, and up to 3 garments can be tried on.

This includes postage to your address and back to CC Dress Hire.

50% of the fee paid will be deducted if you decide to rent a garment within 24 hours of

No credit applies to future bookings or if you do not decide to rent within 24 hours.


Fill out the form below & we will contact you via phone to organise.


If the garment doesn't fit, you won't be refunded.

Not all garments will be available to try-on via post. Some of our garments are super booked up, between rentals, dry-cleaning (and the odd repair) we hardly have them in-store! Because a postal try-on takes typically 4 days, we can only organise them when the garment does not have back-to-back bookings.

You must send back the garment/s the same day. To ensure your services run smoothly, you must send back the garments the same day. If you are unable to send back the same day because of an unexpected issue arising, please let us know and send back the very next day. Late fees apply otherwise. Proof of lodgement must be sent to CC Dress Hire via email and must be authorised over the counter by an Australia Post representative. You may be charged up to RRP of the garment/s if they go missing in the post and the lodgement receipt isn’t provided to CC Dress Hire. Please do not leave the item in the Australia Post ‘bins’.

Our renting terms and conditions still apply. Postal try-ons are intended for a fitting only - NOT a rental, so they are to be returned unworn. If there are any marks/smells (tan, dirt, perfume etc) you will be charged a cleaning fee of $25 per garment. You will be charged the rental fee if the garment has been worn. You are responsible for the garment during the time you have it and will be liable for any